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Aero Zeppelin lyrics


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     Aero Zeppelin
    >> Nirvana
        VERSE 1:
    What's the season in a right
    If you can't have anything
    What's the reason in a rhyme
    If a plan means everything
    What's the meaning in a crime
    It's a fan if anything
    Where's the leaning in a line
    It's a brand, it's a brand

    VERSE 2:
    How a culture comes again
    It's a clone of yesterday
    And you swear it's not a trend
    Doesn't matter anyway
    You're only here to talk to friend
    Nothing new is everyday
    You could shit upon the stage
    They'll be fans, they'll be fans
    They'll be fans, they'll be fans

    VERSE 3: (2x)
    All the kids will eat it up
    If it's packaged properly
    Steal a sound and imitate
    Keep a format equally
    Not an ode, just the facts
    Where our world is nowadays
    An idea is what we lack
    It doesn't matter anyways
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